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Single Story For Sale in Moffat, Milton

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5 Acre Property With 4 Stall Barn

•  1200 sqft , 1 bath , 3 bdrm single story FOR SALE  CAD939,000 . Hobby Farm

COMING SOON! Have you been waiting for a hobby farm? Located in the beautiful hamlet of Moffat sits this beautiful 5 acre parcel of land. This all brick bungalow situated well back from the country rd offers large driveway, double car garage, new septic system, new furnace and a/c. The home boasts 3 bedrooms, large country kitchen with beautiful views to the backyard. Cozy formal living room with wood burning fireplace, stripped hardwood flooring and large window for loads of natural light. Take in the game in the finished basement with 2nd wood burning fireplace great for those cold winter nights. Wake to the sound of the horses grazing on the fresh green paddocks. Come to the country you won’t ever move back to the hustle and bustle of city living. Call The Hilson Team for more info.

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Hobby Farm On 5 Acres For Sale

Have you been waiting for that perfect hobby farm? The Hilson Team has what your looking for. Located on 5 acres set well back from the country road, this all brick bungalow offers, newer septic, furnace, tankless water heat and a/c. So stop paying rent at the barn! bring the horses home as this beauty offers a 4 stall barn with hydro. Look out your back windows and watch the horses graze on the rich green paddocks. Call Norm & Teri Lynn today for more info 289-242-3342


Milton Property Tax Increase

Town of Milton has voted to increase the local portion of municipal tax levy, which pays for infrastructure and services by 8.3% this translates to an extra $20.00 per $100,000 of a homes value. The other $5.00 comes from a portion of the tax levy set by Halton Region and the school boards

Clients of The Hilson Team secure their 1st mortgage and purchase a home.

The Hilson Team offers budgeting advise to all of their clients. Kristen & Brian where 1st time home buyers with a ton of questions regarding their first purchase. We sat them down with our trusted mortgage broker Barbara Legere form Scotia Bank, with her help and knowledge and our clients dedication to savings and excellent credit we where able to get them qualified with ease. If you have any questions pertaining to the real estate market Please Call The Hilson Team at 289-242-3342 or visit our website at 



Stage And Sell At Christmas


First, make sure your outdoor lights are functioning — winter days are short, so lighting the walkway and front door evening viewings is a must. Second, when it comes to festive light displays, keep it simple. String white lights to highlight an architectural feature or a splendid spruce in the front yard, and leave the light-up reindeer display in the garage.


Since your front door is often the first thing a potential buyer will see, make it count. Give that dull front door a quick makeover by hanging a tasteful wreath or swag. Placing a seasonal arrangement in the entryway or on a hall table also makes it feel like prospective buyers are coming home for the holidays, rather than coming to your home for an open house.


Although year-round home staging promotes a less-is-more philosophy, when the holidays roll around, ramping up your ornament game. But don’t go overboard. A bowl of fragrant pinecones, some strategically placed sprigs of holly, or a bowl of shiny glass baubles should do the trick. Steer clear of overtly religious displays as it might put off some people. Remember: this is about them, not you.


Your eclectic collection of ornaments may hold great sentimental value to you and your family, but they may clash with your home decor. Consider your home’s colour palette and find complementary ornaments. If the walls are white, maybe opt for a faux white tree, or if the room is decorated in darker tones, consider gold or green holiday accents.


Stepping out of the biting cold and into a warm and cozy home is one of the few pleasures of wintertime. Enhance the corporeal experience of your potential buyers by making sure the thermostat is cranked up a couple of extra degrees. If there is a fireplace, ensure it is lit for showings and staged photos.


Thanks to human physiology, the quickest way to access memories is through the sensation of smell. Make sure your potential buyers get a good whiff when they walk through the door. Simmering apple cider or baking a batch of ginger cookies are good standbys, but take it a step further and sparingly spritz a winter-scented home fragrance throughout and breathe deeply.

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Investing In Real Estate (The Good And The Bad)

Investment property

Investment property is real estate property that has been purchased with the intention of earning a return on the investment, either through rental income, the future resale of the property or both. Before considering  purchasing an investment property keep in mind your financing options. This is not your principal residence so a higher down payment will be needed in order to secure financing!

Credit Score: Again vital and will need to score in the mid to high 600’s to qualify keep in mind there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to buying an investment property and, you should talk to a lawyer, accountant, or financial expert before proceeding


You can deduct certain expenses from your income reducing taxes you owe!

  1. mortgage interest
  2. property taxes
  3. insurance
  4. upgrades
  5. property management
  6. utility bills (if included in the rent)
  7. You can also deduct losses for tax purposes


  1. You take on the responsibilities and challenges of a landlord

  2. It may be difficult and costly to sell the property later

  3.  It may be difficult to finance the purchase

    The Hilson Team is located in Milton, On and is looking forward to working or educating you on investing in our real estate market. Please feel free to contact Norm and Teri Lynn Hilson at anytime for more information.

Rent control changing (AGAIN)

Rent control exemptions

With one sentence buried in the 155-page document Ford government is exempting all new rental housing from any rent controls if they were “first occupied after today.”

Rental units already occupied prior to Thursday will be covered by rent controls limiting increases to the rate of inflation.

Officials in the technical briefing provided to reporters could not specify if the measure was specifically for newly-built rental housing or newly-occupied rental housing.

Fedeli told reporters “everybody who is an existing tenant today is protected,” and that the rules continue to cover all “existing buildings.”

But according to the text of the legislation tabled Thursday, if a landlord creates a new rental unit in an existing detached home or townhome after Thursday, it will also be exempt from rent controls.

The province claims the move will spur new purpose-built rental construction in the housing-starved GTA area but it will also send average rents in many cities skyrocketing.

“The number one thing we can do to increase supply is open up the market,”

The Hilson Team


Herhalt, CTV News Toronto

Realtors Do Care

Choosing the right Realtor can prove to be challenging in the least. The Real Estate industry is saturated with realtors (pretending to be realtors) choose carefully!

Questions to ask

  1. How long have you been practicing
  2. Are you a full-time realtor
  3. Do you belong to the local real estate board
  4. Have you ever been brought to ethics
  5. Can you provide testimonials

These are a few of the questions you should be asking! Don’t get caught up in a realtor providing below the industry standard service. Call The Hilson Team for all your real estate needs. Remember Realtors Do Care!


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The Hilson Team focuses their business module on providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. That means from the minute we make contact with you to the handing over of the keys, Team Hilson will be there to help! As realtors with over 30 years experience we have seen the gaps in the service of a realtor. We have built our business on removing the gaps for a seamless transaction. The Milton Real Estate Market is fast and furious and without the help of a professional your chances of securing that home are slim. Call Norm and Teri Lynn Hilson and, pack your bags!,


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